©2018 by Ward & Parker 

Our debut album! 


We sincerely hope you enjoy, and maybe even love it! We have thoroughly enjoyed making it and we hope that comes across. We recorded it in the most part, live, to give it dynamics and movement. The idea of of going into a studio and performing excites us far more than breaking everything down into its parts and we felt it would suit us far better. 

Dan Wilde was a pleasure to work with, he is relaxed yet honest and will do his utmost to get the best results. We would highly recommend him. Guest appearances also include Jade Rhiannon from The Willows adding some beautiful harmonies. Jade always offers up stunning vocals and ideas that I would never have thought of, it's an honour to have her sing on this record. 

Once again, thank you to everyone that has contributed to the record and we hope that you enjoy it!

'One' by Ward and Parker CD