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Whats it all about?

Hello and welcome to our new venture! If you've been following us, which is why you are probably here, you will already know that John and myself have been getting very tired of social media! Its been on our minds a lot and especially since Covid hit us with an almighty blow we've realised that we need to do something different! 

We find that social media is very toxic and ultimately distracts us from being creative and constructive. Not to mention feeling frustrated and generally not so happy with the world and so we thought it would be better for us and hopefully you (!) to ditch it and instead create our own unique world on our own platform! - a fan club if you will!! 

Rather than posting on our fb wall and only 5% of our followers seeing it, we can now post our own content directly to you and you wont miss it! We want to create a new and exciting experience that is much more personal and one which we can interact on in ways facebook and instagram just don't do due to its monetisation process and advertising algorithms.


On top of that, we have Spotify and streaming services. These services give consumers fantastic freedom and make music almost completely free but sadly little old Ward and Parker really struggle to get played. Without huge investment it's very hard to push. Not to mention its lack of personal brand and musical magic.

So, we thought an exclusive members club was the way to go! A place where we can share great content and it not be lost in the wall. A monthly song written, recorded and mixed by us. A music video to go with it as well as artwork and lyrics and our very own forum. And thats probably just the start! 

This is just the beginning of something we hope you will find extremely exciting! Join us on what is going to be an awesome journey. We really want to make 2021 a lot better than 2020. 

Check out the options below to join the club!